Our Mission

Our mission is to help investigators of all kinds find and expose people and organizations who defraud, perpetrate, terrorize, or generally exploit others. This includes fraud investigators looking to uncover the $80 billion of annual insurance fraud that leads to higher rates for everyone. It includes law enforcement investigators working to curb the recent spike in homicides tearing apart communities in major cities across the US. It includes the intelligence investigator working to root out the people and organizations who killed over 32,000 people in 2015 because they didn’t share the same ideology. It includes anyone whose job or hobby is working to right a wrong.

We help these investigators through our data visualization software and investigative analytics, providing the tools they need to sift through massive amounts of data to assemble the pieces of an often big, complicated, puzzle.

About Us

Visallo was founded in late 2014 by a small group of engineers who had spent more than a decade working together on projects in the United States defense and intelligence communities. During that time, we became intimately familiar with the difficulty of leveraging huge amounts of data to solve the most challenging, ambiguous, investigative-type problems within the strictest of security requirements.

Today we’re leveraging our unique experience to create world-class products focused on addressing the unique needs of investigative work. We’re doing it not by replacing the role of the analyst or investigator, but by augmenting their hard-earned experience and intuition with data-driven insights and analysis that would be difficult, if not impossible, to discover otherwise.